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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Zoya Haul PART III

Hello Lovelies,

Here we are again for my third part of this lovely series I've started :) I am really enjoying this amazing process of trying new colors completely out of my comfort zone! This is my 3rd and final PixieDust polish I picked up from their 3/$12 and even though Stevie holds my actual heart-Tomoko is to DIE for! It is thee most sparkle I have ever seen on my nails. I just could not stop starring at it!

As you can see, it isn't very opaque, this is 3 coats of this beauty. OH WELL! I can totally get over that, seriously! Just LOOK at it sparkle! I figured next time I use Tomoko, I'll probably use a creme or pink polish underneath just to offset having to add a million layers to get the coverage I want!

To me 100% honest, I am having a hard time describing Tomoko's color! When the light hits it one way you pick up a lot of gold tones, and then move your head a different way and it's like completely silver. Just look at the picture above!! It totally just looks like a bunch of silver glitters glistening in the light! :)

This picture, I think it is a bit odd that it seems like it is picking up some green tones..... and then I remembered while I was trying to take pictures- I was wearing a green shirt. So the color it throws off may even pick up on the color it's surrounded by. Which is pretty cool, I think! :)

In the same sense that in this picture, you can really see how sheer it is, yet completely flawless at the same time! It honestly BLOWS MY MIND!!

This is an up-close-and-personal type shot. Some may actually not like this because of fear of being able to see the dirt. You know, that no matter what you do to keep them clean, always manages to end up under your nails. So it may be a hit or miss, but my thought is.... no one is going to be looking at my nails that closely anyway so I'll ROCK my pretty Tomoko painted nails!!

Now, the only problem is to try not to get distracted from my work/school work from starring at my nails to much!! :x

Much Love,

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