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My name is Randi and I am a college Senior. I'm studying in the engineering field and will be graduating in December in 2014! I created a blog to write about my addiction to nail polish ( and all that it involves) and also to document and share my journey to becoming healthy!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Zoya Haul Part IV

Hello Lovlies!

Sorry I have been a little MIA for a few day! I had a huge lab report doing and it was literally EATING any free time I had! Good news- IT'S DONE AND TURNED IN! *crowd cheers!* In some other random good news, I have found a company to fund my (and my senior design partner) senior project! Fingers crossed, good vibes, and hopefully it leads to a job offer! :)

But, back to what we reeeallly came for... the polish! <3 I am very glad I took these picture before I sat down to actually write this because as of last night (Saturday 2/1) I now am sportin some shorties! I had a pretty bad break a few weeks ago and then recently I have been plagued by some corner breaks. SO, I am starting over!

I only have 3 more polishes to conclude my pretties from Zoya's 3/$12 promo! To get on with it, I am going to start with the beautiful Payton! (How fitting since today Payton Manning is playing in the Super Bowl today)

I was told by a lot of my fellow Polish Addicts that Payton is their favorite! It's purple so of course I would love it and it is a Zoya's holographic line! Being that I am very new to holographic nail polish but have seen many absolutely stunning shades, I had high hopes!

I love that Payton is purple, but honest opinion, the holographic wasn't like "OMG I NEED." For instance in this picture, you can't really tell that it is a holographic polish. The only way you can see it, is if you actually have my hand in you hand and looking at my nails.

This picture you can kiiinda see the holo, but again it really isn't an in-your-face type of holo, so I was a little disappointed in that sense. However, I was really impressed with how smoothly I was able to apply this. It went on super easy, and I probably could have gotten away with one coat, but I did have a few minor spotting towards the cuticle.

Now this is probably thee best picture of Payton! You can see her absolutely breathtaking purple shade! It's almost a dark wine color- that I am in love with, and you can start to catch the holographic glitters in the polish!

In a close up of Payton you can finally see her absolutely gorgeous holo! Being said again, I think because Payton is such a dark purple that is why her holo is a bit masked! 

Much Love,


  1. I am starting to think, i need to buy Payton too :D

  2. Hi! Saw your post on the Nail Art Designs FB page! Thought I'd check you out! Looks like you're doing great! Good luck with the blog!