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My name is Randi and I am a college Senior. I'm studying in the engineering field and will be graduating in December in 2014! I created a blog to write about my addiction to nail polish ( and all that it involves) and also to document and share my journey to becoming healthy!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Opening my life to the wonderful world of ACTUAL blogging (CAUTION: wordy post :p )

Hey all! I'm fairly new to "actual" blogging, but not really... What do I mean by that? I created a nail page on FaceBook to share my love and passion of nail polish, nail art and standing true behind supporting brands that DO NOT test on animals. :)

In case you are just joining me in this journey, I will spill a little about myself. I am a Senior in college at Penn State studying Electro-mechanical Engineering. I'm so close I can smell it, really, I can! I am pretty busy 90% of the time, the other 10% I am sitting back, relaxing, and doing what I love to do the most-paint my nails! :) I am a daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, girl friend, and friend of thee most amazing people ever. My friends, family, and boy friend support me 110% in everything I do! I consider myself very lucky and thank the Man Upstairs every day for the life he has given me. I have been with my boy friend for 3+ years, it'll be 4 in March. Most people eventually say their S/O is their best friend, but boy and I literally have been best friends forever. We met all the way back when I was in 7th or 8th grade on the bus going to school. We were instantly friends and I only realized he was the man of my dreams when he graduated high school and was "leaving me" to go to college. My parents have supported me, like most do, but I feel like mine honestly bend over backwards for me-I don't think they realize how much I appreciate, and love them for that!

SO now on to my nail journey! I was an EXTREMELY terrible nail biter growing up! I would bite and bite and bite until there was basically nothing there. I would be bleeding, and my skin would crack...sorry for that image! Then I turned to acrylics.... bad, bad, bad... BUT that didn't even stop me from biting my nails. Once they grew out a bit, I would bite my nails from under neither the acrylics! I knoooow, I took it to a whole different level. Then, one day I just stopped doing that and stuck with acrylics for a while.... I don't even think I want to know how much I actually spend on getting my nails done every 2-3 weeks for about 3 years!!! Then came my year of "intervention," also known as my Senior year in High School where I was just saving for Homecoming, Prom, summer, college.... So when I finally started college in August 2010, I'm not sure what came over me, but I just STOPPED biting, until my first round through finals. I was too stressed and bit them all off. LOL.  So I have officially been "BITE FREE" since January 2011 :) Since then, a monster has been born. Everywhere I go I am constantly looking for non-tester polish, and good deals, which leads me to say that I have TWO nail mail subscriptions as of right now :)

Much Love,

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