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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Early Valentine's Day mani for Mom

Hello lovelies! I am waiting on some nail mail to write about, but since Valentine's Day is (kinda) right around the corner, I thought I would give my mom a Valentine's Day theme! :)

To start off, I am not using regular polish! My mom works in the medical field so wearing regular polish would chip after a day of washing her hands about a billion times! For Christmas my parents got me an at-home gel polish kit and boy has it changed mine, and her, nail polish life! :) 
This is the kit that I got. I originally found it at Target at a price of $79.99, and honestly that was just tooo much for me to let my parents buy it. So, I turned to Amazon and found it (eventually) for $43.79 and free two day shipping!!! Now that is a price that I was excited about, almost half off the in-store price tag! I have quickly became very addicted to gel polish and all things gel polish! Haha 

Without further ado, here in the complete Valentine's Day themed mani that my Mom is sportin'! 

The gel polishes I used to do this mani include:

2 coats of Finger Paints Gel Polish in Impressionst Pink cured for 45 seconds each coat

Sensationail Color Gel Polish in Sugar Plum for the French tip cured for 20-35 seconds (depends if I remembered to count while working on the other hand!), and

Finger Paints Gel Polish in True To The Art to create the small heart on both ring fingers cured for 20 seconds.

After both hands were completely cured, I like to let them "air out" anywhere from 30-60 seconds and then apply the gel top coat! I applied a thin layer of top coat and made sure that absolutely no top coat was touching any portion of the nail wall or cuticle! Making sure that it isn't touching anywhere and cure for the 45 seconds. See if the top coat is touching the skin at any location, during the curing process, it burns a bit. Not so much that "you're" left with burn marks, it just gets pretty hot and after the nail grows out a bit it will increase the likeliness of the gel polish lifting, and pulling away from the nail. Picking gel polish off is VERRYYY bad!!!!! It will peel layers of your nails off so PLEEASEEE remove by scratching the shiny layer off (with a finger nail file or buffing block), soaking your nails in 100% Pure Acetone, or by using felt squares/cotton balls and aluminum foil for 10-15 minutes. They practically slide right off! After curing the top layer for the 45 seconds, again allow some time for them to get some air, then to get the sticky layer off, you simply take a felt square/cotton ball, dip it in some rubbing alcohol, and rub over all the nails! Last, but not least, apply cuticle oil all around the nail and try and remember to continue to apply cuticle oil throughout the life of the mani! 

Much Love,

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