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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My First Zoya Haul!!

Hello Lovelies!

I think this is going to be a series type deal..? I took the bait on Zoya's most recent promo sale they had. In case you all didn't hear about it- it was 3 polishes for $12, for a grand total of $4 a bottle! Which no matter which you chose, it was a FANTASTIC deal considering their regular polish is $9 per bottle and their PixieDust collection is $10 per bottle! will do seperate post and swatches of each individual polishes I ordered. :) I have 6 polishes to share with all of you and I hope you enjoy it! 

First off, these are my first Zoya's so it was really hard for me to narrow my picks down to just 3 after seeing all the beautiful polishes they had to offer! I felt like a little kid at a candy store just oogleing over the sweetest things there! Then I found out they had a polish named "Stevie," and everyone (i know) knows I call my boy friend Stevie! So there was no doubt in my mind, no matter the shade, it was going to be mine! When looking up swatches I found it to be a PixieDust in a light purple shade with silver glitters and I LOVE THE COLOR PURPLE! If you couldn't tell! ;) I was super excited because although I do have one textured polish , OPI's Can't Let Go, I haven't used it yet but I have heard sooo many great things about Zoya's PixieDust Collection! 

So, here we go, it's polish time!! My first of six Zoya's:

I was trying to capture the best angle of the bottle, the shade of purple AND pick up the glitters as well! It was a bit of a pain, and after numerous photos, of almost the same exact thing, I liked this one the best! 

Here I have just a base coat of OPI Nail Envy, and 3 layers of Stevie, NO TOP COAT! :) Although I heard putting a topcoat on PixieDust leave you with a pretty cool effect, I wanted the texture and matte finish like it's supposed to leave. 

I really dig this color, a lot! This picture picks up some of the reflection from the silver glitters, but also showcases the cool purple shades it leaves off!

To be 100% honest, I wasn't sure how I was going to like the feel the texture polish. I was fearing it to be almost like I had sand paper on my nails but it feels more like a buffer, if you ask me. ANYWAYS, I am totally excited about this polish and I can't wait to write about my other pretties! :) Oh and I thiiiink Zoya has won me over! Looking forward to expanding my collection :) 

Much Love,

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  1. Beautiful! I am waiting for my Stevie to arrive right now! Isn't zoya great? I have so many of their polishes, but it's ever enough!