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My name is Randi and I am a college Senior. I'm studying in the engineering field and will be graduating in December in 2014! I created a blog to write about my addiction to nail polish ( and all that it involves) and also to document and share my journey to becoming healthy!

Friday, May 23, 2014

It's been far too long!

Im so sorry I kind of fell off the deep end! I was finishing up my first semester of my Senior year in college and just got a bit overwhelmed! I had to part with my polish and leave it at home because I'll admit I was getting a BIT distracted! Lol 

I just started my internship as a drafter last Monday and I'm very excited about it because it is something I want to do! My whole life all I wanted to do was design and I'm finally getting my chance! :) 

So here's the plan. I have a lot of posting to do this weekend over a 3 day break AND all my aunts and cousins want their nails done! :) But to hold us all off for a bit, here is a simple manicure I did last night because I just could not stand have naked nails for too long! 

I used Gelous base coat that I bought from Sally's, Zoya Snow White and an Orly pink glitter that I currently forget the name to because I just got it from a swap! 

Take care!

As always, Much love,

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